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This service is free without obligation and allows you to explore your options without committing yourself however, if you choose to use the services of an accountant there may be a charge or fee.

Register with Local Professional Direct today and have access to hundreds of local accountants with a trusted, nationwide provider of professionals and advisor personnel.

Quick response – Local Professional Direct will forward your details to a local accountant who will make contact the same day or within 24 hours.

Free consultation – The first consultation with a Local Professional Direct accountant is free and acts as a fact finding exercise to establish your needs and requirements.

Professional accountants – We provide access to both accountants and chartered accountants. The type of accountant you need will depend on the nature of the work you want them to carry out. We will match your enquiry with a locally based accountant with the right qualifications and experience to work with you.

Strictly private & confidential – The details you provide will only be passed on to one accountant. If, for any reason, you are not entirely happy with the accountant we provide, let us know and we will connect you with another accountant.

Why use Local Professional Direct?

Do I need an accountant?

Whether you are a new business start-up, a sole trader, a limited company or a freelancer an accountant can save you time and money and ensure you are filing accurate tax returns, helping you to avoid hefty fines and penalties.

While you can undertake this work yourself it really does pay to use the services of a qualified tax accountant. Not only can a tax accountant file your tax returns, self-assessments and take care of your bookkeeping, they can also recommend ways in which you can minimise the tax you pay, within the boundaries of financial legislation.

And it is not just tax related work that an accountant can undertake. Many accountants specialise in fields such as audit, assurance and advisory, business recovery and insolvency, corporate finance and risk management and forensic accounting.

Whatever your requirements, simply enter your details and we will put you in touch with a professional accountant who can discuss your requirements. Your initial consultation will be free.

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At Local Professional Direct we offer a free initial consultation with a local accountant. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your requirements and to find out how your local accountant can help you and your business.

There is no obligation to continue following your initial free consultation, but if you choose to use the services of the accountant there will be fees involved.

Choosing a local accountant

How much does an accountant cost?

When it comes to finding an accountant it's important to think about the kind of work you need them to undertake. If you are a small business, a start-up or a sole trader, you may only want to use the services of an accountant to handle your tax returns, keep you books in good working order or file your self assesment.

But if you require further services, such as auditing and advisory or business recovery, for example, you will need to employ a chartered accountant. Chartered accountants undergo more training than a standard accountant and are required to work with a mentor for at least three years before becoming chartered.

At Local Professional Direct we aim to provide a first class accountancy service. Simply enter your details and we will match you with a professional accountant in your area who has the right level of expertise and certification to deal with your needs.

All Local Professional Direct accountants are carefully vetted prior to working with us and we continually monitor feedback from clients to ensure we always provide you with the best service and the very best accountants.

Accountant fees are usually either charged at fixed rates, paid either monthly or annually, or as a one-off, based on the work required.

How much an accountant charges will depend on the level of work involved but for small businesses fees can range from £60-£250 per month for bookkeeping, accounting, tax and compliance.